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The Business of Cycling Podcast

The Business of Cycling podcast takes you inside the cycling world from the perspective of those that work in the sector. Hear from passionate entrepreneurs and professionals from brands, teams, and bike shops.

Rapha Founder Simon Mottram

When I started the Business of Cycling podcast there was definitely one person that I had in mind that I was hoping to interview, and it was Simon Mottram. I’ve worked in cycling for over 10 years. And what Rapha did in the cycling business is nothing short of incredible. They truly disrupted the industry, and found totally new ways to look at products like cycling clothing.  

His story is incredible. What you can take away from it is how he was able to take his really unique blend of experience, and focus his energy on what became Rapha. To this day Rapha is still among the most important cycling brands on the market.


Trek Italy Closure the Advantages of Being and Outsider in Italian Cycling with Joshua Riddle

Joshua Riddle is originally from North Carolina and and has been working in the cycling industry in Italy for 15 years. He started his career at Trek Italy 2010 which recently closed their doors due to consolidation of their European offices to Madrid.

Joshua has worked in Marketing for Trek, Pinarello, Campagnolo, Basso Bikes, and is currently the Global Marketing Manager at Hayes Bicycle Group.

I spoke with Joshua about the current state of the industry and the evolution of the bicycle market in recent years. We also discussed what he sees as unique about Italian cycling brands that the brands themselves often have a hard time recognizing.


Overstocks Update and COVID Lessons Learned LIVE at Cycling World Dusseldorf

This conversation was recorded at a live panel at the 2024 cycling world event in Dusseldorf on March 15th. The topic of the panel was COVID overstocks and the state of the industry and the aftermath. 
My guests were ROSE Bikes Anatol SostmannOld Man Mountain Products Erik Fenner Schicke Mütze Carsten Wien and provided three unique viewpoints on the causes and lessons learned from the overstocks caused by the COVID pandemic aftermath.

An Insider’s Look at the Taiwanese Bike Industry with Jayu Yang

This conversation aims to give you a look inside the workings of the cycling industry from a Taiwanese perspective.

Jayu Yang is one of the most experienced entrepreneurs in the Taiwanese bike industry. Her grandfather started Kenda Tire tire in 1962. And she carried on the family tradition by taking over her father’s business Kendstone In 2001. Kendstone is among the top premium bicycle assemblers in Taiwan.

In Taiwanese culture, women were not typically considered for running a family business. Therefore her path to running Kendstone was unexpected as her father was in need of a trusted manager during a time of crisis. She grew the company substantially throughout the 2000s and sold the company in 2019 and stayed on as the CEO until 2021.

The Man Behind a Bike Racing Cultural Phenomenon Red Hook Founder David Trimble 

David Trimble is best known for founding the Red Hook Criterium fixed gear championship series. David also founded the Midnight Half, both internationally renowned sporting competitions.

The Red Hook Crit grew to become such an important cultural event that it was archived at the Smithsonian’s national museum of American history.

It this episode you’ll hear the story of the Red Hook Crit and David’s incredible journey. You’ll hear how his passion and unique skillset, was able to create a cultural phenomenon.